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Odin Fightwear


Much of my family tree is Scandinavian, so when I saw a Danish MMA apparel maker I got really excited, particularly when their designs were based on Norse mythology.  So many months before writing this review, I tweeted Kári Gunnarsson the owner of Odin Fightwear that I was interested in expanding my reviews to other equipment.  A few days later he messaged me back, which ended with him sending me a Berserkur rash guard and Muninn shorts.  They were delivered within a week, rapid for overseas goods.

So I had my Odin Fightwear and I attempted to destroy it.  I used it a few times a week, under my kimono for jiujitsu, in my muay thai class, and for no-gi rolling.  It was washed every time.  I basically wanted to prove to myself that my excitement for the brand was not coloring my impression.  So 4 months after I promised the reviews, here they are:

Berserkur rash guard

This rash guard is cut like a T-shirt, i.e. short sleeved.  I got the blue, which has blue sleeve and a gray torso, with the Nordic inspired Odin logo running up the side.  It is of the same breathable, sweat wicking material that one expects of modern exercise apparel but with two very important differences: (1) it is cut long in the body so that it will stay tucked in your fight shorts and (2) it has a rubber reinforcement at the base of shirt that prevents riding up.  As a veteran of many a no-gi grappling match with other rash guards I'm overjoyed that Odin fight wear has provided a rash guard that minimizes riding up, i.e. the belly shirt effect.  After multiple uses and washings there was a minuscule amount of loosening of the fabric fibers.

Muninn shorts

I don't like white, but I love the Muninn shorts, which come in white in a long board short style.  There is a blue raven design on the leg (hence the name) and the Odin text logo decorating the shorts.  They have a small inside pocket and a velcro closure.  The draw string is thin and the holes for it are reinforced by stitching rather than a grommet.  I accidentally removed the drawstring after several months, but have kept using them without and have not largely noticed a difference.  Despite months of cruelty they look like they are fresh out of the package.