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Viking Gear MMA

Website: http://vikinggearmma.com

I was contacted by the makers of Viking Gear MMA who subsequently sent me their Blue Gold Weave Gi.  Time between our email conversation and delivery was quick on the matter of a few days.  The kimono itself had minimal (no) color fade with washing and minimal shrinking.

As I've grown older I've come to appreciate quality over frills.  This is a high quality, no frills kimono, with no wasted patches or gimmicks, simply great construction, thickness, and softness.  The top is a single piece, with the arm pieces heavily stitched to a single back piece.  The hem is reinforced at the Vs on either side of the skirt.  The sleeves are similarly reinforced on the inside of the sleeve.  Overall, this is a medium heaviness kimono but the collar is relatively thick and rounded medially to minimize cutting on chokes.  There is a "Thor's hammer" Viking MMA logo on the bottom of the lapel.

The pants are high quality, thick and soft.  They are reinforced at the knees and have a flat fabric style tie.  There are two loops on both sides for the tie.

With a eight weeks of routine training (drilling and rolling) I had no appreciable wear or color loss.  I would recommend the Viking Gear Blue Gold Weave Gi as a starter kimono, for the seasoned veteran who values function over frills, or for the school owner who wants a high quality gi but with their own patches attached for a reasonable price.