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Website: http://www.veryhardtosubmit.com

Very Hard To Submit (VHTS) is a company founded in 2012 making jiu-jitsu kimono and MMA wear.  Per the manufacturer:  "[The gi] base fabric is 550g pearl weave fabric for the jacket and ripstop single weave fabric [for the pants]. Its clean and high end design with detailed patches [unique to the gi]. It is appropriate for this humid and hot weather."

My experience with VHTS has been overwhelmingly positive.  I was contacted by VHTS who mailed me a kimono that arrived within 2 days. The kimono is a clean and very simple design with a sedate black VHTS logo on the shoulder.  There are gray and black accents along the lapel, the skirt "V" on the flanks is also reinforced with black accents.  As a pearl weave it is soft and light but with surprisingly robust, medium thickness collar, with a well rounded edge not often found on a kimono this light.  This top ranks well within the top three that I have used.

The pants are the best kimono pants I have tested.  They are ripstop fabric with a reinforced crotch of kimono material.  The waist tie is a thick but soft rope that stays tied without getting so knotted that it cannot be opened.  The knee area is reinforced.  There is a small box-like smiley face on one hip.

Based on my review of the IBJJF rules, I believe this gi is legal.  For the current low price this is an excellent investment for anyone in the market for a kimono.

The only negative is that the A-4 cut is more generous than most other kimono that I have used.