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Tatami Fightwear

Website: www.tatamifightwear.com

The makers of Tatami Fightwear were kind enough to send me a kimono and then wait for my belated review of the Zero G.  This is a very comfortable kimono, both the top and bottom.  It wears like a Gold Weave with a thicker collar.  The  pants are super comfortable.  The top is well appointed with shoulder patches with the Zero G logo.  It washed well and air dried with minimal shrinkage.  It came with a handy little satchel, a sort of budget kimono backpack which was certainly a nice touch for those jiu-jitsu bum days.

Based on their website the price is RIDICULOUSLY inexpensive for a high quality kimono.  This would make this kimono a best buy depending on how much shipping would cost you given your present geographic location.

I received a Tatami V2.0 from MartialArtsSupplies.com.  To put it simply, it is a better Zero G.  It is slightly lighter with a similar collar, but has the same great feel.  It is perhaps slightly more fancy in looks with a refined Zero G V2.0 logo.