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Storm Kimono

Website: www.stormkimonos.com


I became aware of Storm Kimonos from watching UFC, one of the fighters had a pair of their fight shorts on. Subsequently, Aggressive Combatives Ltd, the makers of Storm Kimonos provide me with one of their blue Typhoon jiu-jitsu gi.  The turn around from Storm Kimonos was rapid, approximately a week.  Their kimono is outstanding and they are rightfully proud of their product.  The kimono is heavy enough for vigorous jiu-jitsu but light enough that you don't overheat.  The collar is thick, on the order of other popular brands that most Brazilian jiu-jitsu enthusiasts seem to favor.  The jacket is one piece with the sleeves attached midway down the side and on the inside the gi is reinforced at the axilla and back with an extra layer in red.  On the left breast and right shoulder there are prominent embroidered Storm logos and the bottom of the lapel has a rubber version of the same.  After a few washes the color has remained.  The lapel on the inside indicates that the kimono has "Antimicrobial Treatment, Pre Shrunk".  I have not detected any shrinkage.  I am unaware of any documented evidence that antimicrobial treatment of clothing changes the rates of skin infection in sports but it is certainly a novel idea.

The pants are equally well designed, made of soft but heavy cotton, they are reinforced over the knee providing more patella padding than most other uniforms.  On the inside of the pants the sides are reinforced at the waist.  There is an embroidered Storm word logo at the knee on the outside of the left pant leg and anteriorly at the bottom of the right pant leg.  The logo on the left leg may cause some problems at top level competitions (Pan Jiu-Jitsu, Mundial) as I have been forced to cut patches located in the same place away in the past.  The drawstring is relatively thin but ties and unties without problems, however I generally prefer a heavier drawstring.  

Overall the Storm kimono has moved to the top tier of my jiu-jitsu kimono and is an excellent product that is well worth the price.  I use a lot of kimono and when my coach was wrestling with me using the Storm, he noticed and commented that it was a nice one, a phrase that he has not dropped on other products I've worn.


I was subsequently provided with their white '96' gi which is an ultralight competitor line.  This kimono has a slightly thinner collar than the Typhoon but still robust given how light it is.  The pants are also light, of "RipStop" material.  The cut of the kimono appears identical to the Typhoon.  Despite being very light after a year of being in my kimono rotation it has no rips in either seems or cloth.

If you like a light kimono this is a great choice if you can get past the decorative choices made on the kimono.  There is a strange, psychotically spike-haired jiu-jitsu fighter patch on the pant leg of which I am not a fan nor have I found anyone else who likes it.  There is a '96' also featured on the pant leg and a collection of embroidered letters in a London font on the top and legs.  They are not the Latin numerals for 96 nor do they have any meaning that I know of.  "Competitor" is written across the back of the kimono top's skirt.

Incidentally the '96' is a tribute to when Storm was launched.