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Redstar BJJ Fightgear Kimono

Website: www.redstarbjj.com

I have received a "warning" via email (1/25/14) from one customer regarding Redstar, in it they allege that two pre-ordered kimono shipped by this company were seized by US Customs and were not received.  Ultimately after 50 days he did receive the kimono (follow-up email 2/20/2014).  One was the incorrect size but this was ultimately rectified by Redstar.  The customer felt that whomever he dealt with at Redstar was gruff but says the kimono themselves are very nice.  Egor Radzik notes that he did replace the incorrect sized kimono without requesting that the wrong one be returned (email 2/20/2014).

Egor Radzik, owner of Redstar (via e-mail 2/20/2014): "For some reason, after the Christmas holidays, and to be specific Chicago USPS office, held around 12 packages coming from us to US customers without any explanations. And that's amongst hundreds and hundreds of orders. We've been sending gis the same way for last five years - all by the book, without any changes, with labels and everything is done correctly. We choose Canada Post and then it becomes USPS, both government ran organizations and they always worked for us like a clock, and provided the best value. For some reason, this time, they decided to block it.

Redstar is known for its customer service, and I personally attend these sort of issues. Most of the people whose gis were delayed, actually received them at the end, with crazy delay, but they got them. We're not aware of 2  specific people who didn't get their orders. We keep communications open, we always respond to the emails. We do our best to provide the best possible outcome.

We still wait for the correspondence from postal services regarding the delayed packages - we did open the enquires  regarding these delays, and we ALWAYS refund the money if we're told that a package is lost. But when it's still in some proccess/progress/within delivery - it's out of our hands. We did what we had to do - ship the product by a government service "by the book". Both sides take risk by buying online. Our risk is our reputation, customer's risk….well, their money. We don't lie, we don't cheat, we communicate better, than many, many, many other bigger names in jits community."