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Padilla & Sons

Website: www.matrat.us

Joe Padilla got into the jiu-jitsu kimono business a few years ago with his own kimono company. He introduced me to his line by sending me samples of his black Hybrid kimono and his blue Goldweave kimono. In my mind this someone who is pretty confident of their product.

The Hybrid kimono is different from any kimono I have used before. It is built of a soft but canvas like fabric in a judogi two-piece style. Inside the back is a reinforced triangular area constructed of traditional kimono material. The cloth is tough and the seams are heavily reinforced. The collar is surprisingly thick and gently rounded for such a thin jacket. My training partners think it is difficult to grip. Once I got a sweat going the kimono got slicker than most other kimono which may also have made grips more difficult for my partners. I consider this an asset since it works well with my style of jiu-jitsu.

It washed well shrinking between 2-3 inches as Joe mentions in the letter accompanying every kimono. He also recommends a first time vinegar wash to retain color, which the kimono did very well. As it is black it does collect lint but I'm not wearing it for a job interview. In addition with casual inspection it could be thought of as a heavy weight karategi. However the thick collar, blue Padilla shark on the shoulder, and small red Padilla logo on the lapel dispel this illusion (it is a low patch density kimono).

The pants are of the same fabric and strongly made in the judogi fashion. There are three independent draw string loops, so the pants can be cinched very comfortably. There is a small red Padilla logo on the pant leg.

The Goldweave kimono from Padilla and Sons is similar to other high-grade cotton kimonos: light with appropriate collar thickness but this kimono is softer than many others I have tried. The kimono is a two-piece judo cut with a separate reinforcement inside the kimono over the seams. This kimono also bears a Padilla shark on the shoulder but in black and small red Padilla logo on the lapel. As with the Hybrid, washing per Joe's instructions did exactly what he predicted, 2-3" of shrinking and excellent color retention with a vinegar wash.