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Na Guarda Kimono

Website: www.naguardakimonos.com

I first saw Na Guarda kimonos at MMA.tv. Shortly after that they sent me one for testing. This shows that they have confidence in their product and they certainly should the kimono is fairly plain, it has some nice gray shoulder patches with the Na Guarda logo on it. "JIU-JITSU" is embroidered on the lapel at the bottom. The top is well reinforced, light, and fairly soft. The collar is not super thick but does not cut the neck either (I had no increased submissions to chokes). The pants have to be some of the best if have seen. Soft and the right thickness, with reinforced knees. They have Na Guarda Jiu-Jitsu embroidered in small letters in both sides of the legs. This kimono also came with a proper BJJ white belt (also with Jiu-Jitsu embroidered on it). There was little to no shrinkage with standard washing. This is certainly a good kimono.