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Website: www.mizuno.com
See also www.aavion.com/mizuno.htm
See also www.rickson.com

Mizuno is a manufacturer of a lot of sports equipment in Japan. It has been a big judo gi maker for a while, the most prevalent being a blue/white reversible gi for judo competition. Mizuno has recently broken into sport jiu-jitsu and makes uniforms for the Rickson Gracie International Jiu-Jitsu Association. Mizuno gets their gis made by the same company that supplies Howard Combat Kimonos. Whether or not this means that the gis are of the same thickness or quality is another question (although the prices are roughly the same, but the patches are different). I have seen one Mizuno gi on a top jiu-jitsu competitor but whether or not this was custom job or not, I do not know.