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M Kimono (formerly Machado Kimono and Lutador Americano)

Website: www.mkimonos.com

M Kimono has undergone an "identity crisis" over the past few years. They originally served as the North American distributor of Machado Kimono but have become an independent manufacturer.  I was contacted by Luciana Simon to test two of her kimono.  They arrived in less than a week, a Palladium and a Hybrid.  Both were a simple white design, with the subtle but elegant M Kimono logo on the shoulder.

The Palladium is top of the line.  Very soft but robust with a solid collar.  I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable but how utilitarian the kimono felt.  The pants wear well and rolling in the kimono revealed a collar thick enough to protect your neck but soft enough to train in.  I think it would make an adequate to excellent competition kimono, depending on your style.

The Hybrid is another excellent kimono.  It is not as soft as the Palladium and reminds me of kimono from Atama, Gameness, or Padilla and Sons.  A usable kimono for either training or competing.

Several years ago, I ordered a blue Machado "Gold Weave" Competiton Uniform from MMAGear.com for $85 and got it within 5 days from Brazil. The collar is not as thick and not nearly as hard to manipulate as say a Howard. It is not as thick in the collar as a standard Atama, but it is nice and light and the fabric is soft but strong. The sleeves and V at the hip are reinforced and the gi is well stitched. The pant are of good quality, like those of HCK, but softer. There are lots of patches and embroidery with the red Machado "M" logo and Brazilian flag colors (yellow and green) elsewhere. Personally, I like it although some of those I train with thought it was too light. For competition I would agree but for training it works great.