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Grab & Pull

Website: http://www.grabandpull.co.uk
Australia: http://www.grabandpullaustralia.com (who kindly provided the gi for review)

A UK based no-gi and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fight wear company servicing the UK and Europe.  I learned about the company when I was contacted by one of their resellers in Australia about doing a review.  I received the gi in 10 business days, from Australia to the US, so delivery is quick (and faster I imagine if on the same continent or hemisphere).  They provided an Elite Mark 1 Vintage kimono, which means it comes unbleached or a natural, beige cotton.  

Reportedly this is a 550g pre-washed, pre-shrunk jacket, which I can attest to, I had minimal shrinking between several washes.  The kimono is "jiu-jitsu style" and made of a single piece of fabric for the back and posterior sleeves attached to the inferior portion anteriorly to form the sleeves.  The hem (externally) and sleeves (internally) are reinforced with a half-inch band of brown fabric with repeated G&P logo and style identification.   On the top of each shoulder there is the G&P logo text embroidered in brown with three lines (brown-red-brown), which is also repeated on the left corner of the skirt.  This is light to medium weight kimono with a solid but not overly thick collar, the fabric itself is more robust (but still not coarse) than expected for a kimono of this weight.  The manufacture assures me that it is IBJJF compliant, and there is certainly room for your own patches on the lateral shoulders, back, and chest, although there is a small brown Grab & Pull logo just inferior to the collar on the back.  It is overall elegantly simple, but not plain.  I thought I heard some stitches tearing while wrestling well outside my weight class, but I find no evidence of this on close inspection, so it may have been my partner's gi or something else (e.g. rash guard).

The pants are 100% cotton and very light.  They did shrink, considerably, lengthwise when I washed them.  Admittedly I did use warm water (which I do with all my kimono) but these shrunk more than my other pants.  Some attentiveness is advised.  They have a thick and very long rope style tie, also in brown.  There are three pairs of pant string loops, one centrally and two more laterally, so the tie is amongst the most secure and comfortable of gi pants that I've worn.  The knees are reinforce with an extra layer of cloth and three lines of stitching runs along the seem, the pant legs are reinforced internally with the same brown band of cloth as the sleeves.  The brown G & P logo text is again embroidered on the pants about four inches distal from the right hip.  The washing instructions tag is approximately two inches inferior to the iliac crest on the left.