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Website: http://www.gimono.com/

Gimono is a new company experimenting with a new material for kimono manufacture.  They sent me one of their blue Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu kimono.  Gimono's goal appears to be trying to make the lightest, softest, and most breathable kimono on the market.  They have certainly achieved that, however the kimono suffers in other areas.  Gimono probably makes the most comfortable kimono I have ever worn, but it has certain cosmetic similarities to a leisure suit.  The fabric is slick making it the kimono for the no-gi fighter forced into a gi.  The collar is very thin, so that it burns and cuts on a choke.  This kimono would not be legal in competition as currently designed.

Gimono comes shipped into a small, shoebox like bag with a T-shirt.  This would certainly make it the most portable kimono on the market, with the caveats above.  Overall the Gimono comes across as a prototype that needs a little more work before being ready as a competition kimono.