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Website: http://www.fluxk.com

Full disclosure: One of my old team mates started up this minimalist BJJ apparel and gear design.

Fluxk is one of the companies that offers kimono in more than four sizes, for example the one I reviewed is an A3L for long.

In an effort to be unbiased, I put the Fluxk kimono I received through more than its fair share of rolling with all levels and strengths of competition over several months of training twice per week with washing after each practice. Aside from a small amount of stitching coming loose around one of the three paired pants drawstring grommets the gi appears unchanged from when I got it.

I received their blue kimono, I have not noticed color fade. The design is minimalist with the simple square Fluxk logo on both shoulders is neatly embroidered. The jacket is light to medium weight with a middle to heavy collar and some of the softest kimono material I have run into. The jacket is cut in a single piece with the arms attached about halfway down. The area around the neck is reinforce with a dual layer of stitching on both the front and back. The inside of the sleeves is reinforced distally with a ribbon of material, labelled with the Fluxk logo and name.

The pants have my favorite drawstring: a thick rope style of generous length, as mentioned above with three paired drawstring grommets, one midline and two between the center and the hips. The "V" at the hip is reinforced with a 1/4" wide cloth strip. The knees are reinforced with an extra layer. The distal pant legs are reinforced with the same ribbon material as the jacket's sleeves.

Overall an excellent kimono, from an American company.