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Flow Kimono

Website: http://flowkimonos.com

I was emailed by this company regarding their hemp uniforms. Unfortunately they did not have any hemp kimono in stock so they sent me one of their 100% cotton Pro Series 3 kimono in blue. They expedited delivery within 4 days.

This kimono is ridiculously light. So I proceed to find the biggest and strongest dudes I train with to try and destroy it. Without success. It has held up admirably after months of wear and tear at least two sessions with washing in between per week. This kimono is obviously high quality given it's light weight and surprising durability. Flow has also been sure to reinforce areas of common break down with a reinforced lining or extra stitching.

Minimal to no color fade with washing, Flow appeals to my aging aesthetic and keeps the fluff to a minimum. They have a small mon (samurai crest) of a red flower on the shoulders and between the shoulder blades. Underneath the ones on the shoulder is "Flow Kimonos" in English. The same symbol shows up on one pant leg distally.

The jacket has a thinner collar, typical for lighter weight kimono.  The upper portion surrounding the neck has an extra piece of cloth reinforced by dual stitching in two rows. The back is one piece, the sleeves are attached in the standard way about halfway down on the remainder of the jacket. The sleeves have an inner lining at the cuff, reinforced by four rows of stitching.

The pants are ultra light but have also held up no worse for wear. The V where the draw string comes out at the hips is reinforced as are the cuffs of the pants (six rows of stitching). The drawstring is a rope style with paired grommets one at midline and two halfway between the hips and midline. All the pieces of the pants are triple stitched. There is a liberal extra layer over the knees, dually stitched.