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Website: www.centuryma.com

Of all Century judo gi's, I have only experienced two: the Judo Classic Student Uniform and the Grappler Series jacket. Century does not produce great jiu-jitsu gear, but if you're starting out and don't want a huge commitment, consider them...if jiu-jitsu ain't your thing the gi could make a great set of winter PJ's.
The Judo Classic Student Uniform is an overly expensive piece of tissue paper. Its a great introductory uniform (I like sawing the collar into an opponent's throat and using the ample sleeves to cinch in an armbar), but with Century's escalating prices there are more economical alternatives. Don't buy this uniform retail! Find someone who will give you wholesale (approx. $30 to $40)
The Grappler Series jacket (usually a special offer can get you some Judo Classic Student pants for free), are thicker and slightly tighter than the Student uniforms. I owned two sets and they lasted about a year each under an intense training schedule. They ran me about $45. They come with aGrappler emblem that looks decent, if pretentious. Once again, a good starter uniform...
To order simply call Century's 800 number, Century is a big, professional outfit and will have your PJ's...er...gi to you right quick.