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Black Eagle Martial Arts Kimono

Website: www.black-eagle.co.uk

After receiving the email from Black Eagle, they had a major server crash but STILL managed to deliver a sample kimono in under 5 days from overseas.  That's some damn good service.  In fact they delivered TWO so I could try out the different versions.  One of my students who trained in England says that Black Eagle is by far the most popular kimono there.

The two kimono are identical in patches and embroidery.  The shoulders have an eagle in the Brazilian national colors with Jiu-Jitsu underneath.  There are Black Eagle patches running along the left lapel and both lateral thighs of the pants.  Although both the Single and Goldweave were the same size, the Single was larger.  They are both roomier at baseline than I like, but with a little time in the dryer I got a fit I liked better.

The Single weave is an excellent, usable kimono.  It has a medium think collar with a rounded edge making it usable in training but not excessively hard on the neck or easy to choke with.  It is soft and well constructed.  The kimono pants are a joy, being strong but pleasantly soft.

However I prefer the Goldweave to the Single.  It's collar is thicker without being too bulky, being a better quality cotton the fabric has an over all softer but still very firm feel.  It simply wears better than the Single, and I certainly think it is worth the extra expense.  The pants are essentially the same as the ones with the Single weave and carry the same level of approval.

Bottom line these kimono are competitive with companies such as Atama, Gameness, and Howard Combat Kimono.