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93 Brand Jiu-Jitsu

Website: http://www.rollmore.com/93brand-charlie.html (provided a free 93 Brand Charlie kimono for review)

The 93 Brand Charlie kimono is one of the lightest kimono I've used but retains the robust "skeleton" of a much heavier kimono.  The collar doesn't skimp on thickness and the kimono is well reinforced with backing stitched into the structural weak spots of the skirt, sleeves, and collar.  The Pearl weave gives the kimono fabric a much finer, less coarse feel.  It is fairly conservative, with subtle brown accents and an understated 93 kimono logo on the shoulder.  I used this kimono with several washes and had no detectable color loss or shrinkage.  The kimono is generously cut, the sleeves are long.  I have long arms and they easily went to my proximal hand, especially with some aggressive grip fighting.  This would be the only negative.

The pants are also light, made and reinforce with three lines of stitching.  They have a round drawstring with six loops to keep the string securely on the top edge of the pant.  Like the top, these are sedate, the loops and drawstrings are black.  The crotch piece of the kimono is of a different, thick spandex like material with more give than the rest of the pants.